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OSX Problem: Cannot beat them, join them

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Apr-2005 5:05 GMT

Article #0158
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In my prior blog, I mentioned a problem with Window focus when running REBOL from the OSX shell ("terminal"). It appears that the problem is somehow related to the environment in which OSX launches the program. It only occurs when running from the shell.

Now you would think that there would be some way to deal with that in the C code itself, and in fact there could be... deep down somewhere. If there is a way, it is kept a big secret among the folks down in Cupertino.

After a few hours, the pain became great enough that moving REBOL into an OSX IDE became a reasonable course of action. It took a while to get the source to build, but once it did, the window selection focus problem went away.

In the long run, this IDE approach will be problematic because 1) REBOL builds many parts of REBOL (which is sometimes difficult to specify in IDEs) 2) we need to do non-interactive builds of REBOL (like remote builds started using REBOL/Services) and 3) REBOL builds its own makefiles. It is a fairly complicated process (due to the 150+ product variations we build). That's where good old-fashioned makefiles are quite useful.

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