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It's Back: REBOL/View on OS X

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Apr-2005 18:13 GMT

Article #0156
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Yes, I know... I said we would not resume OS X REBOL/View until we could make it into more of an open project. The problem is... that may take too long, and the OS X crowd is growing fast. The demand for REBOL is high.

Frankly, Apple has been amazing to watch. I'm seeing more and more people buying and using Macintosh OS X systems. I see them at meetings. I see friends with them. My kids want mini-macs!

Of course, you know I am not new to Mac. I was recruited to Apple ATG (Advanced Technology Group) in 1986, right after Amiga. From about 1987-1996 I used Macs extensively for documents, books, accounting, diagrams, and more. I have nearly as many old Macs in my basement as I do old Amigas.

As the REBOL on OS X porting project proceeds, you will be hearing more about it from my blogs. The good and the bad.

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