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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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7-Apr-2005 19:52 GMT

Article #0150
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Here is a summary of recent REBOL documentation projects that are underway...

REBOL/Core User Guide Corrections

We recently improved our documentation update methods to make them much more efficient (even more so than before). We now have the ability to correct errors and typos in the manual within just a few seconds.

We recently corrected all REBOL Core User Guide errors that were submitted to REBOL Feedback and RAMBO (our bug database). If you know of any other errors or corrections that need to be made, please tell us via RAMBO or Feedback.

The next step is to update the Core User Guide for the newer versions of REBOL, merging the important Core Changes that have been made over time. However, due to the sheer volume of changes, we could use some help with this project. If you are interested, please let us know.

REBOL/Services Documentation

The documentation for REBOL/Services is still in progress. There's a lot to be written here. As usual, the documentation is many times larger than the actual code that implements it. More info coming soon.

The REBOL Documentation Project

This is an open documentation project that was initiated by the REBOL French community. Its purpose is to offer REBOLers a source for additional documentation of all kinds. It is located at

The site is beginning to grow with documents and references. For example, the author of "Programmation REBOL" (French) Olivier Auverlot has exclusively published four articles of interest.

REBOL Introduction for Experienced Programmers

Since the beginning of REBOL I've wanted to write a document that describes REBOL to programmers who already understand other languages. It would explain how REBOL is different from most other languages, why REBOL works the way it does, and the rationale behind some of its design.

I recently met with a person who is involved in a very large organization that could benefit from REBOL. He is motivated to learn REBOL, so I took a few minutes to give him a few basics. It was an interesting experience, because I began to see up-close the issues that programmers face. I've been programming REBOL so long, I had forgotten what that transition was like.

I think it is possible to explain some of the main concepts to existing programmers, without requiring them to read the entire manual. I think the best way to approach it would be to write a first draft and get your comments and suggestions on it. Then grow it into the document it really needs to be.

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