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The Big Picture (of REBOL/Services)

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Mar-2005 18:48 GMT

Article #0143
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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I hope this diagram helps illustrate the reason why REBOL/Services is essential to the future of almost everything as it relates to REBOL.

I was motivated to create this diagram because I've been receiving messages from people asking how "a network protocol" can help solve problems like porting to OS X. I agree that has not been very clear. This diagram should help.

I'm not going to explain everything about the diagram. That would take more than a single blog. But, let me cover the main areas:

  • Future Products: They all require REBOL/Services. Shown here are /Platform, /IOS, /View, and AltME 2, but REBOL/Services will be a part of all versions of REBOL, including REBOL/Core.

  • Admin Services: REBOL/Services makes it easier to run our servers. We don't like spending our time managing IT systems, so we find ways to minimize it. We've been using a very early prototype of REBOL/Services for more than a year, and it has really helped reduce our server management overhead. With the security features provided in newer versions, this will improve even more.

  • Open Collaboration: This area will be affected the most by REBOL/Services. Our goal (which we have stated several times since DevCon 2004) is to enable a greater level of collaboration between all members of the REBOL community. We considered using existing web and email technologies, but those are inefficient (both on the server and the client) and require too much time and energy to set up, manage, and protect. I will be discussing details of the Open Collaboration area in future documents and blogs.

I hope this diagram helps you to better understand how REBOL/Services has a deep impact on the future of our REBOL projects and operations.

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