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List of REBOL/Services TLAs

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
14-Mar-2005 20:48 GMT

Article #0139
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Here is the list of suggested TLAs for REBOL/Services that were sent to feedback. I apologize if I missed anyone's suggestion. There were quite a few messages.

Please read my prior blog (138) on this subject.

Note that a number of these (like ASP, ESP, RSS, SMA, etc.) don't meet the requirement that there be any chance for our usage of the name to be highly ranked on Google. But, I wanted to publish the full list here anyway.

ASP: Asynchronous Service Protocol
CSR: Communication Services for REBOL
DSP: Dialected Service Protocol
ESP: Extensible Service Protocol
ESR: Enhanced Services for REBOL
NSR: Network Services for REBOL
RBS: REBOL Based Services
RBS: REBOL Services
RCS: REBOL Communication Services
RDS: REBOL Distributed Services
REM: REBOL Enterprise Messaging 
RES: REBOL Enhanced Services
RES: REBOL Enterprise Services
RES: REBOL Expanded Services
RES: Relative Expression Services
RIS: REBOL Integrated Services
RIS: REBOL Intelligent Services
RIS: REBOL Internet Services
RNA: REBOL Network Architecture
RNS: REBOL Network Services
RSD: REBOL Services Definition
RSI: REBOL Services Infrastructure
RSP: REBOL Services Platform
RSP: REBOL Services Protocol
RSP: Remote Service Protocol
RSS: REBOL Services System
RUS: REBOL Unified Services
RWS: REBOL Web Services
RXS: REBOL X-Internet Services
SCP: Service Communication Protocol
SDE: Simple Date Exchange
SDS: Simple Data Services
SID: Service Interface Dialect
SIP: Service Interface Protocol
SMA: Simple Messaging Architecture
SMP: Service Messaging Protocol
SSA: Simple Services Architecture
SSP: Simple Services Protocol/Platform

I am leaning toward using RIS (easy to say) or RXS (hi-tech sounding and very few web hits), but I'm still open to discussion for a few more days.

It would be a big help if someone could filter this list and remove entries where a Google ranking would be difficult to obtain. This problem occurs if the TLA has millions of other uses (RES has 50 million) or is widely referred to as a single thing (REM is a rock band). But, RIS is probably ok even though it has 6 million hits because the top 20 hits are all for different things (at least here in US Google). If you will send me the reduced list, I will post it here. Thanks.

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