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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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3-Feb-2005 20:12 GMT

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The RSS news feed for this blog is ready.

The link to the RSS feed is

Here are a few more links to information and programs related to RSS, including a handy little REBOL RSS reader.

  • Harvard University has a good summary of the RSS 2.0 Specification.

  • If you use the Firefox web browser or Mozilla, you can download an RSS Plugin that will keep you updated on various news feeds.

  • If you are really into RSS, you can download a powerful news plugin called NewsMonster.

  • With this RSS feed, now various other sites like REBOL France can include up-to-date news/blog links automatically.

  • And finally, you can download a small (22KB) REBOL RSS Reader written in REBOL by Piotr Gapinski and posted on To view this blog news feed, just add this line to the links section of the script:
[site "REBOL" url refresh 01:00]

If you know of other RSS tools or links that should be mentioned here, please tell me (via feedback) and I will post them to this page.

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