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REBOL Web BBS Tutorial Released for Review

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
25-Jan-2005 3:26 GMT

Article #0116
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The first draft of the REBOL tutorial, REBOL BBS - A CGI Web Bulletin Board (Message Board) Tutorial is now ready for your review and feedback. This short document describes how to create a web-based bulletin board system (BBS) in REBOL.

I would like to thank Gregg Irwin for his effort in cowriting the tutorial document and also thank Tom Conlin and Volker Nitsch for their participation during the coding phase of the project last November.

Tell us your comments, suggestions, or errors by posting them on or send them to the feedback link at the top of the tutorial document.

Once this draft document has been reviewed and corrected by the REBOL community, we will officially release it on the web site.

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