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Decision on Idiom Dictionary

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Jan-2005 3:26 GMT

Article #0113
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Regarding the Idiom Dictionary proposal I posted earlier: I have made a decision.

I decided that it would make a nice little REBOL/Service for someone to implement (once it is released). Hopefully using this approach along with a little REBOL/View script a lot of time can be saved in coding it. (REBOL/Services also allows clients to send a "get me the client" request to download the client interface to the service. So, that's a handy way to keep it updated.)

We will have the service auto-generate web pages when additions and changes are made. That way the web search engines can also see the information.

So, this project is on hold until REBOL/Services is ready for action.

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