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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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21-Jan-2005 18:40 GMT

Article #0109
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Some of you may have noticed a slight change in this blog. The separate pages are now located in a different web directory (affecting the URL). You will only notice this if you click on the individual articles.

Don't worry, the old references are still valid. But, if you can, please update any URL links that you might have. (Thanks)

Why did I do this? Call me paranoid. I'm concerned that blogs might start getting penalized by various web search engines. That's because blogs have become very popular and search engines are "filling up" with references to them, diluting the indexing of more substantial content.

Since a lot of what I write here is more substantial than just a blog (the prior article for instance), I don't want such articles to be demoted within search engines just because they appear within the framework of a blog. (I'm only concerned about the ranking of references directly to articles, not to the main page of the blog itself... which will remain as is.)

Yes, call me paranoid, but I've found it better to make these sorts of corrections early on, rather than deal with it later when hundreds of pages are highly inter-linked.

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