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Need a TLA for REBOL/Services

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Jan-2005 1:48 GMT

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I don't like typing "REBOL/Services" every time I want to refer to anything related to the concept of REBOL/Services. I have been using "rebser" a lot, but I'm worried it might confuse people because it looks like a word, not an abbreviation.

So, I could use your help. What I really need is a three letter acronym (TLA). Just two letters, like "RS" is too short. Four is too long. Examples are:

  • RIS (REBOL Internet Services)
  • RAS (REBOL Advanced Services)
  • RSA (REBOL Services Architecture)
  • RTS (REBOL Technologies Services)
  • R/S (REBOL/Services)
  • ??? (Your suggestion)

Of course, whatever we pick should not be a major TLA already, at least not in the computing field. So, RSA is not a good choice. Minor TLA's are ok, like what is RIS? Click the feedback link to send me your suggestions.

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