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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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12-Jan-2005 3:48 GMT

Article #0100
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It's kind of like celebrating a birthday. The blog has hit 100 messages, this being the 100th. It's time for me to do some reflection on this blog and it's purpose...

As I said when I started this blog back in Oct 2004, it was an experiment. I told you that I was not a "blogging kind of guy" because I have too much to do, like designing the next version of REBOL. I said "talk is cheap".

Now, after 100 blogs, I know better. I've transformed from the "quiet" type of person into someone who much better understands that good leadership involves more than just taking action, it requires good communication too. (In fact, if I were a politician, I would say that talking is more important than taking action, right?)

As I said in my first blog message, one of my main concerns was the time it might take to write up a new blog each day. Of course, my new blog.r script (published in the library) has helped a lot with that. Now I'm always just one click away from being able to post a message, and I no longer need to spend any time managing the blog archive itself. It even backs itself up automatically.

I was also wondering how many people would actually read the blog... would I be wasting my time? To answer that question, I recently added a hit counter to the main blog page. Reviewing that now, it looks like I get about 500 visitors a day, and I think that's probably enough to warrant the blogging effort. In fact, some of you read it so often that you are now requesting an RSS news feed for it, and I hope to be adding that feature to the blog this month.

I also asked you for feedback about the blog and about the content of its messages. I've been getting plenty of feedback, so that is good too.

It is actually kind of funny the depth of the transformation this blog has had on me. I was recently telling a friend how much I dislike certain websites. I said that every good website needs at least two things in addition to their main pages: 1) they need a good method of feedback, and 2) they need a good news page so you can tell that they are really alive behind the HTML front end. I realize now to what degree we (RT) made these mistakes for several years. I know we can still do a lot better, but I think the blog has helped a lot.

In conclusion, with regard to the blog... I think the grand blogging experiment has now advanced to become an essential feature of this website. So, it looks like I'll keep going. It sounds to me like that will be ok with you too. Onward.


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