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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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7-Jan-2005 6:38 GMT

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Update Notice:

The blogger script has been updated, and the URL for the official source code is:

See the link below to read more comments.

What blogger script? Well, the blogger script I use to create this very blog. I've released the source code to it in case you want to start your own blog. Some of you requested it. (BTW, releasing scripts is about as much work as writing them in the first place. Dotting all the i's in code takes time.)

The script can be found on here. You should find the script well structured and well documented (but remember, it's only a CGI script).

You will no doubt want to add some of your own features. The license is BSD, so feel free to have at it. Of course, any useful or cool features I would sure appreciate it if you letting me know and add here.

Also, to keep the script a reasonable size for it does not include the Makedoc formatter. Instead it uses a simple formatter (if it does not detect the md2-blog.r script). However, if you need the version of makedoc that it uses, please contact me.

Here is a short summary of the blogger script:

  1. Allows remote blogging via HTML forms.
  2. Automatically builds main blog page.
  3. Creates an index to all blogs.
  4. Creates links to and between blogs.
  5. Uses your website's standard page template.
  6. Supports ranked seaches on blogs.
  7. Provides a handy blog-content backup method.
  8. Provides a form for feedback (but feedback system is not a standard part of this blog.r script).
  9. No database engine is needed.

Use it. Enjoy it. Blog away.


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