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So you want an RSS Feed for Carl's Blog?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
30-Dec-2004 17:53 GMT

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The RSS feed is now up and running. Goto RSS Feed for more information.

A few people have suggested that we add an RSS feed for this Carl's Blog. Ok, I'm willing to do that, provided that we can serve it up using our standard Apache web server. I will modify my blogger system to automatically generate the feed when I add new blogs.

But... there is a catch: to make this happen, I want two things from you:

1. Provide me with a REBOL script (preferably a small one) that converts REBOL format to RSS XML format. This should be easy. The REBOL input would be something like this (modify it as necessary):

channel: [
    title: "Carl's REBOL Blog - Vive la REBOLution"
    description: "describes this blog channel"
    language: "English"
    copyright: "2005 Carl Sassenrath"
    generator: "REBOL Messaging Language"

item: [
    title: "Blog item title...."
    author: "Carl Sassenrath"
    pubdate: 30-Dec-2004
    content: {the blog goes here}

(REBOL format is so much more readable than XML, isn't it?)

2. Tell me what httpd config changes are needed to our Apache server to feed these RSS requests.

3. Give me a link to where I can find a good RSS reader to check my feed. I don't think it's built into any of the web browsers that I use. I guess I'm going to get educated here.

When you have it ready, ontact me with the script and the reader info via the link at the top of this blog page. I look forward to giving it a try.

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