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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
28-Dec-2004 1:49 GMT

Article #0075
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I've been hearing some ramblings that the REBOL mailing list (run by a program called Ecartis) has been acting up again. My reply should be, "So what else is new? Email is dead." But, no, I'll bite my tongue and not say that, since I know many of you still use email (and, I do care about that).

Checking the server logs, I don't see anything unusual other than some crackers trying to break into the server. Of course, with email, "usual" means that for every email that you send there are a couple hundred other emails that are spam or bounce replies of some kind. So even though the maillist server may not look busy, it might be cranking away trying to figure out what those spams and bounces really mean.

To help you determine if the mail is getting through, I wrote a short REBOL script (have you ever seen me write a long REBOL script?) to show you a list of what email the maillist server has received recently. To see the list, just goto


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