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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-Dec-2004 3:03 GMT

Article #0072
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Carl's blog is back up and has been rewritten to work as a REBOL CGI blogger. The new blogger includes better indexing, viewing, linking, and search features. In addition, it is also easier for me to manage blogs, including adding new blogs, modifying them, and even backing them up.

With this new blog system, you can finally create HTTP hyper-links to specific blogs. For instance, to make a link to this blog:

And, I encourage you to create such links, as it will help increase search engine traffic to

Also note that when using the search feature, the results will appear in a ranked order based on the frequency of word hits for the search pattern.

And finally, once thus script is working well, I'll upload it to for others to share.

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