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High Cost of Complexity

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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I caught this letter to the editor in a recent issue of InformationWeek magazine. I was wondering which one of us wrote it?

"Recently, I've come to notice an ever-sprialling complexity in the object-oriented systems we're attempting to integrate these days, whether J2EE or .Net based. The latest IDC report on the success of J2EE projects is dismal. Not only has all this methodology not improved things, our integration success rate has continued to spiral down. We need to start asking fundamental questions about cost, complexity, and tangible benefits, particularly with respect to what's best for the customer.

Are they really going to wake up? Probably not right away. Why? Because the IT executives of most corporations would be very happy if they could trim 5-10 percent from their $25 million IT budget. They don't really stop to think that they could trim 50-80 percent of it if they took a different path entirely.

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