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Someone sent this message to REBOL feedback today:

I was interested in creating a SIMPLE CGI message board in REBOL, but
I couldn't find any tutorials for it. I found a well written and very
detailed tutorial here:

but it uses Perl which I know very little about.

I was going to have a go myself, but it would take me ages to do as I am
still a newbie to REBOL and programming. I was wondering if you would
consider writing a walkthrough tutorial like this for the REBOL community.

Absolutely yes! This would be a excellent little project to show the advantages of REBOL. I've actually wanted to do this for many years anyway, and it would make a great third chapter in the REBOL CGI tutorials.

I think it might also make a good small project for the REBOL community itself. Now, I realize we are all busy with so many projects these days, but if you are interested in taking just a little break and participating in this project, please contact me in the BBS group (new) on the REBOL AltME World. It's a small project and will really help the new REBOL users out there.

I propose we meet up for just a few hours this weekend and make it happen. If you have the time and energy to write a bit of code or docs, then I invite you to join me. Who knows, maybe we'll all learn a few things working together too.

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