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What's the status of REBOL/View development?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
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An anonymous user contacted me today to ask about the status of REBOL/View. That is a good question, and it is worthy of a blog topic.

To put the answer in a few words as possible, REBOL/View is waiting for the completion of a number of substantial improvements in REBOL. Until these tasks are complete, the only new versions of REBOL/View will be the alpha and beta releases found here on the web site.

  • Stablized 2.6.0 Core (with asynchronus networking changes)
  • Improved scalable vector graphics (SVG) using the AGG library
  • Finalization and testing of new IMAGE! datatype modifications
  • Improvements to VID (visual interface dialect), including styles, requestors, and event handling.
  • Fixes to new font rendering problems caused by Windows XP
  • Entirely new installer and default sandbox location
  • Automatic updates for the desktop (and more, see /Platform below)
  • REBOL/Services as a built-in part of REBOL - to be used for accessing and updating the World Wide Reb content that is seen in the View desktop.
  • And finally, but most importantly, REBOL/Platform - which is how REBOL/View will be distributed and updated in future versions. In a nutshell, /Platform contains many of the other features that have been discussed in recent months (Plugin, REBin, indexed files, etc.) and provides a better way to manage REBOL/View. In addition, /Platform allows many standart parts of /View to be released as open source, giving the REBOL community the ability to make improvements to /View, which will remain a free product.

I should point out that just because /View will be released using /Platform does not imply that /Platform is free. It is more like building and releasing /View from the REBOL/SDK. It just makes the process more dynamic and timely.

If I missed any important points or features for /View, please let me know. I will update this blog entry to discuss them.

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