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Article #0008
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I'm reflecting now on my first week's blogging experience. It has been interesting for me, and I hope you have found it to be informative, or at least entertaining.

In fact, for me, this has been kind of fun. I think the reason I say that is because I don't have to wait until I have ten pages of content or well developed plans to make a public statement about something. What I say can be less formal; it can be said right away; and, I don't need to make it into a big project. When you read it, you understand that it is within the context of a blog, so you're a bit more forgiving. You're not expecting the statements to be perfectly clear, use perfect grammar, or be prefectly authoritative on a subject. That's so much easier. It's like writing a quick script versus writing a full blown application. It just takes a lot less time. In fact, I've found that these little blogs don't really take much time at all.

In summary, I think that I'll continue blogging for another week. Who knows, maybe this "experiment" will become a permanent feature of Is that ok with you?

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