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Several people have suggested that I write more publicly about REBOL, including my thoughts, directions, ideas, etc.

Well, I can tell you that I'm not much into blogging. Life seems too short to spend time simply talking (unless of course your talking at a nice gathering, like the recent REBOL devcon). I'm the type of person who likes doing, not talking. I measure myself by what I get done, not what I've said. Talk is cheap. I learned that lesson as a young engineer working at Hewlett Packard back in the 1980's.

But, then, I also realize that you want to hear what I have to say, what's on my mind for REBOL... and that, in the end, talk is communication, and communication is considered good leadership. Yes, I know that. I know what good leadership is, although I also admit that I don't always practice it. Sometimes there are more important things to do, like getting things done.

So, here I am, starting a blog. Imagine that. No, I'm not using any special blogging software, I've tried a few of them in the past, including But, I need to keep things simple... I don't need anything special, just this simple wiki (called WIP) that's written in REBOL. It lets me write these pages in makedoc2 format (yes, I know, you want a copy). I suppose if I get a few free minutes, maybe I'll add a simple blog mode like Vanilla's nice Du-Jour.

How often am I going to update this blog? I don't know yet. Will I keep it going for a while? I don't really know that either. Like so many things, this blog is an experiment, and my willingness to keep it going may depend more on you and your response to it. You can tell me if you find it helpful or insightful. Let's just see how the experiment goes. Ater all, I've got a lot to do. Who has time to talk?

If you want to send me feedback about this blog, I will start a new group on the REBOL AltME world called "Carl's Blog". You can reach me there. Don't try sending me an email. Email is dead. (But, that's the subject of a future blog... someday.)

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